Fire Arms and Ammo Storage Bags
Developed for the US Military are now available for long term storage of your firearms and ammunition. Re-sealable velcro and vacuum sealable styles with industrial grade barrier packaging with corrosion-inhibitor using VpCI technology, offers the longest lasting corrosion protection available.

Vacuum Sealable Bag Instructions

1. Insert a clean firearm into the bag

- clean firarm to manufacturers specifications

- No extra oil, grease, or desiccants needed

- Avoid inserting items such as holsters or gun socks as they may retain moisture and compromise performance

2. Press zip closure firmly shut to ensure no loss of vaccum

3. Place vacuum hose over one-way valve to remove air

- Try to keep as much of the bag in contact with vacuum hose for best suction

- Try to place a part of the firearm such as the grip, stock, or barrel under the valve to prevent the front and back layers of the bag from pinching together which can block the valve and cut off suction.

4. Firearms will remain preserved for 5 plus years depending on use.

- Infrequent opening of the bag will allow for longer lasting performance

- Damage to the bag by components will decrease preservation performance

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still have to clean my gun if I use a ZCORR™ FSP bag?
Yes. ZCORR™ Firearm Storage & Preservation (FSP) bags work best when used with a well-cleaned firearm. Firearms should always be cleaned, per the manufacturer’s specifications, before being placed inside a ZCORR™ FSP bag for storage. However, intermittent cleaning is not necessary during storage unless the firearm is removed from the bag and fired or mishandled. Because the protective VpCI molecules dissipate from the firearm as soon as it is removed from the FSP bag, a properly stored firearm requires no cleaning before additional use.

Will the wood and plastic parts on my firearm be safe inside a ZCORR™ FSP bag?
Yes. VpCI molecules are only attracted to metals, and are completely harmless to other firearm materials such as wood, synthetic stocks or grips, optics, lights, and exotic finishes.

Will ZCORR™ FSP bags tear or rip during normal use?
No. ZCORR™ FSP bags are made from durable, multi-layer, puncture, and tear resistant material. When handled properly, and used as a storage and preservation bag, they will not rip or tear. However, ZCORR™ FSP bags are not field use bags, and if they are subjected to extreme rough handling, punctures or tears can occur. Should this happen, foil tape available at most hardware stores, can be used to repair punctures.

Do ZCORR™ FSP bags really prevent firearm corrosion for 5 years and more?
ZCORR™ FSP bags work by emitting VpCI molecules that instantly cling to any metal surface placed inside the bag. This creates a buffer between harmful, corrosion causing elements and the metal surfaces in the FSP bag. This buffer prevents corrosion from forming, keeping your firearm as spotless as the day it was stored. Every time an FSP bag is opened some of the VpCI molecules escape from the bag. However, more VpCI molecules are then emitted from the inner material of the FSP bag to replace the lost molecules. For firearms that are removed from their FSP bags often, up to five years of corrosion protection can typically be expected. For firearms that are not removed from their FSP bags often, corrosion protection typically lasts well beyond five years. For firearms that are rarely or never removed from their FSP bags, corrosion protection can, theoretically, last in excess of 20 years.

How do I know these bags really work? Who tested them?
The M16-A2 Long Term Storage & Preservation Bag (the military precursor to ZCORR™ FSP bags, developed for the U.S. Marine Corps) was thoroughly tested by the United States Army Materiel Command Logistics Support Activity Packaging Storage and Containerization Center (USAMC LOGSA PSCC) in Tobyhanna, PA. The M16-A2 Long Term Storage & Preservation Bag met or exceeded all tests performed by the facility, and was proven to provide firearms with long-term protection from rust and corrosion. The USAMC LOGSA PSCC serves as a proving ground for all industry-developed design concepts in the areas of storage and containerization. The materials and packaging concepts used for the M16-A2 preservation bag are identical to those used for all ZCORR™ Products.

How do these bags compare with offerings from competitors with VCI bags of their own?
ZCORR™ FSP bags are the only firearm storage and preservation bags whose technology was tested and approved by the U.S. Military. ZCORR™ Products are also the only product to offer proven barrier layers, VpCI protection, and military tested reusable closures in one affordable package. The U.S. Marine Corps only chooses the best when it comes to storing their M16-A2 rifle. Now, all firearm owners can do the same with ZCORR™ FSP bags. All ZCORR™ Products are high-performance products that far exceed anything offered by competitors. Other bags don’t utilize effective barrier layers, allowing the corrosion-preventing VpCI molecules to escape and other corrosion causing elements to enter. ZCORR™ FSP bags are the thickest, most durable, most effective, and longest lasting firearm storage solution available.

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